I have an update for you. Now I a couple of months have passed without me being an active Twitter user. Any presence I have on there as a content creator, is all done by bots. I don’t have the Twitter app on my phone, and I don’t go to the website. Twitter and I are done.

So how has it gone? Really bloody well. Honestly, I’m having trouble putting into words how much happier I am not reading that never ending stream of the worst humanity has to offer. I don’t miss it at all, and I won’t go back.

In the time I’ve been away, Twitter has had a few significant events. Did you see what happened to James Gunn and Dan Harmon? They were targeted by alt right nutters, who tried to get them fired from their jobs based on something they posted on Twitter a decade ago. Dan got away with it, James did not. This begs the question, why would any actual working celebrity be on Twitter? Especially if you’re somebody for whom being famous isn’t a big part of the job. If your career depends on a Twitter following, you’re probably on shaky ground to begin with. But, if you’re a movie director, currently working on one of the biggest movie franchises around, what benefit do you get from maintaining a Twitter audience? Is it worth the risk? In James Gunn’s case, we’re talking about actual bad stuff, but it isn’t limited to that. I’ve said plenty of things on podcasts that were acceptable at the time, but that time was twelve years ago. If I could be fired, I’d pull down podcasts as fast as was humanly possible. I’ve heard it said that Twitter is like an anger video game. I can’t help but agree with that.

Then we’ve got all the Alex Jones stuff. Every company worth a damn has kicked him off their platform. Twitter, of course, are making a point of not kicking him off. Jack, the man who runs Twitter, comes across as a person you’d have to fight an urge to spit on if you met him. He doesn’t appear to have a problem with his platform being an instrument in the darkest times of human history to happen in my lifetime. When the dust settles, I hope there are still people, and those people see how this website has allowed all that is bad to find other bad things, and join together to make the worst bad things there have ever been. There would be no Trump without Twitter. The USA would have dignity without Twitter.

Twitter is a bad thing that makes me feel bad, and my use of it lines the pockets of a man I dislike. If you’re on Twitter, why? What do you get out of it? Are you one of those people that likes to tweet abuse at actors you don’t like? Or do you use it to chat with other white people who hate brown people? Perhaps you use it it share your outrage over absolutely every single thing that happens in the world, or maybe you just use it to tweet social justice memes at your friends that already agree with you.