Trump Won’t Hang Himself

Did everyone manage to make it through the day without calling for the assassination of a government official and presidential candidate? Good. It doesn’t always happen does it.

I’ve noticed a few of you saying that all you have to do now is give the GOP enough rope to hang themselves and everything will be fine. WRONG! You couldn’t be more wrong. Wrong and you should get a room.

You’re watching Donald and all his crap happen in front of you, and you’re wondering how anybody can support and vote for him. You think that the more he carries on, the fewer voters he’ll have, because who could support a candidate that says and does what Donald does.

Unfortunately you’re judging things by your own standards. If you’re honest with yourself, is Donald any less electable today than he was a month ago? Really? The things that make you think Donald is abhorrent, don’t bother his supporters. They don’t think like you do. They live in an entirely different world.

Take it from me, a Brit. We recently had a nationwide quiz to find out how many dumb, gullible, and easily lead people live in the UK. We’re still kind of surprised at the results, it turned out there was loads of them. When you run your own version in November, you’re also going to be stunned at the results.

You’ll be so shocked to discover that people voted for Donald despite all his crap. They agree with it, enjoy it, ignore it, or simply cannot comprehend the problem that he is. They aren’t going to be swayed by bad behaviour. Did you see when Nigel Farrage launched his massive poster that was a direct copy of actual Nazi propaganda, and we all thought that would be the end of things? Yeah, it wasn’t so much. People agreed with it, enjoyed it, ignored it, or couldn’t comprehend what a problem it was. We thought all we had to do was give them enough of that rope. It didn’t work.

You need to find out what drives his supporters. Clearly they have a problem with something, and are really unhappy with it. True, some of them will be less well educated, but that doesn’t mean they’re really as full of hate as Donald has made them.

He talks about making America great again, and you look around and wonder what’s not so great about America. For you, there might be nothing wrong. For most people, there might be nothing wrong. But there are a lot of people who aren’t doing so well. They’re struggling to find work for a variety of reasons, they’re having trouble keeping a roof over their heads, or feed their children. Their America is not doing great. When somebody comes along saying that he’s going to help them, they fall over themselves to support him.

Facts and figures won’t change anything. You are ruled by your brain, and they are ruled by their heart. They feel that nothing will get better for them under Hillary, so anything else must be good, and to a certain extent, they’re right. Things won’t change under Hillary. They’re in for four more years of the same old stuff. Donald is going to make America great again, and he sounds a lot more appealing than the alternative. If it ends up with burning down the establishment, then that’s fine as far as they’re concerned. The establishment never did anything for them so who cares if it goes. They’ve got their gun and that’s all they need.

We’ve recently been thinking about the idea of peace in Europe. Historically, we’ve not been so great at it. The last few decades have been an anomaly, not the norm. Something that keeps us from all breaking down into total carnage is all the neat stuff we’ve got. Have you seen Paris? It’s really nice. So is London, and many other European cities too. When everything is really nice and you’ve got cool stuff, you’re far less inclined to do things that threaten to take away your stuff. You might have heard that the last time Europe had a war, it wasn’t too good for London. Large parts of Germany went missing too, and nobody wants to go through that again.

In contrast, there are parts of the world that aren’t so nice. They don’t have really cool things, and so there isn’t much for people to lose. Those parts of the world tend to have wars, bombs, and lots of other bad things.

American society has both of those situations going on. There are people who have cool stuff, and there are people who have nothing. The people with the cool stuff don’t want to rock the boat, and the people with nothing want the boat to tip over.

I fear it’s actually too late for you. What really needs to happen is for something to change in the lives of people who have nothing. You’ve got loads of cash and the power to make it happen. So do we. The problem is that nobody with the power, actually wants to do it. There’s a finite amount of money in the world, it would be nice if we could all share it, but it seems that part of the appeal is to have more of it than other people do. As long as the people who have more than others are the ones in charge, nothing is going to change.

Of course you and I can see that Donald is a man who has things and doesn’t give a shit about helping anybody but himself. His supporters can’t see that, and I don’t know that you can get them to. Don’t give up hope, Donald got control of them, maybe you can take control yourselves.