TFV8 Baby Beast Review

At the time of writing this, I have not tried a big TFV8. After the TFV4 Mini, I gave up on Smok tanks. I’ve always thought that they make some great stuff, but their quality control isn’t always all it could be.

The TFV4 was one of the first tanks to be available with a huge selection of coils. The world loved it, and for a while, so did I. As great as it was to have that trance of coils, other people were making nicer tanks. The Sense Herakles beats the TFV4 any day of the week. Still, they seem to be very popular, and for tanks that come with mods, they’re excellent.

The TFV4 is a huge and heavy tank. When the mini version came along I jumped on it. Unfortunately, that’s where I first noticed a drop in production quality. Smok’s much bragged about top fill system, proved to be the undoing of my TFV4 Mini. You can’t enjoy a tank if you’re afraid to leave the house with it, due to a fear of the lid coming off. I learned to fix the problem with a vape band around the top of the tank, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

When the TFV8 was released, I ignored it. Why spend more money on a tank that I think is quite likely to give me a bad experience. The new baby version looked to be getting some good reviews, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Wow is it a good tank.

It’s tiny. I can’t get over how small it is. It’s a 22mm tank that holds 3ml of liquid. I’ve settled on 3ml as my favourite tank size. It’s small and compact, without the uselessness of the smaller, TPD compliant 2ml tanks. It’s just enough liquid to enjoy it without constant refilling, but not too much that you get bored of the flavour.

In the box, you’ll find all the usual suspects. Spare glass, o-rings, and a couple of coils. No RBA section, but I’ve yet to encounter one of those that comes close to being as good as a dedicated RTA.

The unlike the TFV4 and TFV4 Mini, the TFV8 and Baby aren’t coil compatible, but you do have a few choices. There’s a dual coil, which you’ll find in the box, along with an octuple coil. You can get quad and sextuple coils separately. Of the two types I’ve tried, I did prefer the octuple coil. It has a tighter draw, and slightly better flavour than the dual coil. I don’t know if you’ll be able to tell much difference between the others. There aren’t any temperature control coils available yet, but I imagine they’ll be available at some point.

In the week that I’ve had it, I’ve hardly put it down. It produces such a perfect mix of temperature, cloud volume, and flavour. You hardly need any power to run it. The octuple coil actually works well around 40 watts. The build quality feels to be higher than it used to be. I haven’t had any problems with the top fill system, which is something I expected.

The only problem I can find is the classic small tank problem of high-pitched whistling sounds. I’m not sure if it has something to do with how tightly the coils are fitted, but I can’t seem to shake the whistling sound sometimes. It isn’t every time, but at most of the time. It isn’t as bad if you pull hard on it (that’s what she said) but it never really goes away. It’s annoying, hut not enough to put me off using the tank.

The TFV8 Baby Beast is a welcome addition to any tank collection. You’ll enjoy blowing huge, flavorful clouds, on even the tiniest mods.

You can’t get it from ecigone for just £22.99