Making Sense Episode 29. GE2017 -0

Election day is upon is and it’s time to make a choice. I hope that I’ve armed you with everything you need, but I hoped that before Brexit too. These are the last words I have to say on the matter. The next time I speak to you it will either be to say that our nation did the right thing, or it will be to give you my first word of resistance against the Tories.

Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 28 – GE2017 – 2

Recorded late on a tuesday night, there’s only one question to ask. Do you really think she’ll keep you safe?

Tech It Or Leave It Episode 227 – Googlio 2017

In this episode we cover the news from the recent Google IO event, and take a look at the Conservative Party plans for the internet.

Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 25 – GE2017 – 20

In this episode I take a look at the new Conservative manifesto, and a quick look at the Lib Dem manifesto with it’s interesting clip art choices.

226. Update Your Windows

In this week’s show we take a look at the tiny hack that apparently happened to the NHS, but nobody noticed.

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