The Therion by Lost Vape

The Therion represents my first steps into the world of premium vape mods. The mods that Lost Vape make are the BMWs of mods. The MacBook Pro, Ray Ban sunglasses, Gucci handbag of vape mods. The Therion is their latest offering and I love it.

The experience begins with the box. It’s a beautifully crafted, black box, hinged at the top. You lift the lid to reveal the mod and snazzy retractable USB cable. The mod itself is a small, easily pocketable device, made of zinc, leather, and ebony. For at least the first day, the leather smells like leather should.

It’s a dual 18650, 75W, temperature control mod, running on a DNA75 board. I’ve never used a DNA board before as they tend to come in the more expensive and complicated mods. They aren’t for beginners. Traditionally mod designers design and produce all the electronics that make your mod work. However, the DNA range of electronics are produced by a company called Evolv and then sold to mod makers. The DNA200 model is very popular in the high-end serious mods, and the DNA75 you find in the Therion is there for lower powered devices such as this.

The DNA75 really gets cooking when you connect it to your computer. Absolutely every aspect of your mod is customizable via a Windows app, and to get the most out of the Therion you’ll need to get to grips with the system. I’m used to having a mod that lets you switch between wattage and various temp control modes, but the Therion allows you to set all your own profiles for the specific tanks you own. So rather than altering settings on the mod, you do it ahead of time. For example, I have one setting for the Herakles Plus, and another for my RDA with Clapton coils.

Because the Therion is a 75W mod and has two batteries instead of the one you usually have room for, the battery life is amazing. Even running at full power you’ve got to work hard to run out of power in a day. If you do manage it, you can charge the device via USB.

As far as I can tell the temperature control is pretty good, but I’m saying that having used absolutely no equipment to actually test anything. The DNA board is clever enough to do accurate temperature control with pretty much any kind of wire. All you need to know is the TCR values for the wire you’re using, and you can get all the information you need from a website, linked to within the same app you use to set the profiles on the mod.

I really can’t find anything bad to say about the Therion. It’s simply one of the nicest, most luxurious consumer electronic devices I’ve ever used. It’s up the with the iPhone. Now I just need to get my hands on the Triade, which is the bigger DNA200 version.

The Therion retails around the £109 mark and comes in a choice of three colours of leather.