Owen Speaks

From his Twitter:

“Our job is to serve not ourselves, but our country: we can only do that in power, and that’s where I am determined to take this party”

Doesn’t that sound like a really good, clear, and powerful statement. Unfortunately it’s utter bollocks. Let’s break it down.

“Our job is to serve not ourselves, but or country”

So why aren’t you doing that, Owen? We could have had a couple of months of watching Labour hand the Tories their asses. Instead I now have to listen to the black hole of personality that is Owen Smith.

On top of that, do you remember the Chris Rock bit where he goes off at men who brag about looking after their kids? The joke being that it’s bragging about something you’re supposed to do. That’s what Owen is doing here. He’s claiming that he knows what a government is for. Very clever.

“We can only do that in power”

That’s right. The only people that have any political influence are people in power. Don’t ever let me see you caring about an issue, campaigning, or signing petitions. There’s no point, you aren’t in power and that’s the only way you can get anything done. Except that it isn’t. It’s just a statement that doesn’t mean anything.

Of course, a government can get a lot done, but it’s far from being the only way you can get things done. For further information on that one please read up on Rupert Murdoch.

“And that’s where I am determined to take this party.”

This is a claim by Owen that I really don’t like. Most of all, because he hasn’t at any point talked about how he intends to make it happen. That indicates that what he thinks Labour should do is change its political stance on various matters, in order to attract people who wouldn’t normally vote for Labour.

Let’s just imagine that Owen manages somehow to make Labour politics appeal to Tory and UKIP voters, and they get into power. Does he then continue with the policies designed to appeal to the right, ignoring the fact that Labour are a left party, as are its supports? Or does he do the dirty in the people who’s votes he’s won and subject them to four years of left wing policies they hate?

Owen’s plan is to mislead voters. Either Labour or Tory supporters, depending on what he intends to do in his hypothetical election win. He’s a dishonest man, who is arguing that Labour should either lie to people who don’t currently support it to get their votes, or betray Labour values by changing what the party stands for.

I’m working hard on my Owen Smith profile, but he’s such a sneaky little shit, it’s taking ages to pin down all the crap he’s been up to over the years. When he manages to spout so much crap in just 140 characters, it’s hard to keep up with.