Today we were treated to yet another Nintendo Direct, this time concentrating on games from independent developers, launching on the Switch. The whole thing only took about ten minutes, but they managed to cram a lot in. Here’s the thing… I don’t have any opinion about any of the games. They looked great, but they’re indie games so I only know as much about them as they showed in the video, and that’s simply that they looked really cool. The best thing to do is to watch the video for yourself.

What I can say about it, is that I’m really pleased that all these games are making their way to the Switch. I also think it’s great that the independent developers have found an audience that’s so enthusiastic about their work. I get the impression that these games tend to do very well on Nintendo’s platform, in some cases, outselling the PS4 and Xbox versions.

We’ve known for some time that Nintendo have gone out of their way to make new friends to bring their games to the Switch. Here’s an article from talking to devs saying they’ve been treated like royalty. Those developers made sure there were new games arriving all the time for the new Switch, and that helped the console to do as well as it has. Even as recently as last month, Nintendo were saying that they don’t differentiate between AAA titles and indie games in their stores.

Nintendo are doing well here, and so are the independent game developers. There’s nothing in this that isn’t brilliant.