Limitless Style Mech Mod Review

I’ve been hearing about mech mods ever since I started vaping. There’s something about the concept that’s quite appealing. It takes away everything you could consider to be unnecessary from the vaping experience. That’s if you class things like any form of electronics to be unnecessary. Mech mods give you something to hold a battery, and a way to attach your atomiser to that battery.

For some reason, mech mods cost hundreds of pounds. I have no idea why. The more I’ve used mine, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that mech mod makers are just taking the piss. The one I have is a clone, and it cost me £19.99. I believe an authentic version of the same mod would be around the £270 mark. That’s ridiculous, and it gets worse when you look at the mod. It’s a metal pipe, a little bit bigger than an 18650 battery. There’s no 510 adaptor for your atomiser, but there is a 510 sized screw hole that leads right to the top of your battery. The fire button is on the bottom of the mod, and it’s just a spring that pushes the battery to make contact with the 510 pin on the bottom of your atomiser, complete the circuit, and make the vapours. £19.99 feels about right for such a device. I honestly don’t know how a price higher than that can be justified.

I have a clone of a Limitless mod, and it came with a matching RDA. The RDA is crap and I’ve been unable to make a build in it. I assume an original Limitless product is much better because they make awesome stuff. Limitless are not responsible for any of the shortcomings of my shoddy knockoff.

So if it has no controls, how do you set the wattage you’d like to use? You don’t. The full power of the battery is used every time you fire the mod. You actually control the output by using different resistance builds on the mod. The higher the resistance of your build, the lower the wattage created by your battery. There’s science behind that I’m not going to go into. When I use a 0.15 ohm build, it puts out around 80 watts, depending on how charged the battery is. As the battery discharges, the power output drops.

This is why lots of people, including me, imagine that you’ll end up blowing your face off with a mech mod. The truth is that with a single 18650 battery mod, it’s unlikely that you’ll manage it. Whereas, a double 18650 mech mod will probably kill you and your family.

Look, the truth is that this mech mod works, and as far as I know, it works as well as any similar device, authentic or otherwise. The question I can’t answer is why you would bother. There’s nothing particularly good about the experience. I don’t really like using the mod because it makes my hand smell like metal, and the lack of control is annoying. I’m also not all that into RDAs. They’re ok, I see their point, but they aren’t an everyday occurrence for me. However, I will be going back on that when I tell you about my experiences with a squonk mod.

If you’ve got money to burn, maybe spend some of it on an original brand mech mod. At least that’s a little more useful than burning that money. If you’re like the rest of us and prefer your money in a constant state of not on fire, probably just get a regular mod. Oh yeah, I should really say, if you’re a beginner vaper, don’t even consider a mech mod. No way. Not at all.

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