Ecig Exploding Batteries

If you read any media you’ll have seen the latest round of attacks against vaping, the fear of exploding batteries. I can’t deny that it’s happening but there are some important things you need to be aware of, especially if you’re on the fence about giving up smoking by turning to vaping.

The batteries in vape mods aren’t like the ones in your iPhone. More often than not they aren’t part of the device and can be changed by the user. Most devices don’t even come with a battery. The batteries used are generally 18650s. That just a size like AAA. They are a standard battery that you can by off Amazon just like any other. If you have a faulty battery that explodes it’s nothing to do with the device it’s sitting in. You brought the battery to the ecig party, you can’t blame the party host if the battery is a bad party guest.

From what I’ve been able to figure out there are two kinds of devices these batteries tend to go into. Vape mods, and portable lights. That means there’s only two or three companies that make the batteries and none of them are Duracell. However Sony and LG are two names you’ll recognise. Their batteries aren’t made for consumers. They don’t come in a nice package, need a special charger, and don’t have proper consumer style labelling. It’s assumed that if you’re buying these batteries you know what you’re doing with them.

In order to make them a little more consumer friendly, the basic batteries made by Sony and LG get bought by other companies who put their labelling and packaging on them, and aim their products as vapers. Unfortunately those relabelling companies aren’t all as reputable as you’d like them to be. There are good companies that you can trust, but they aren’t all like that. A quick surf of some vaping websites will teach you that there’s only three or four batteries people tend to use. Don’t stray from those for the sake of saving a tiny bit of money. The good ones are cheap enough that you never need to look elsewhere.

There’s also the trouble of battery transport. Have you noticed how on every device you have that uses batteries, the batteries always go on the inside? You see batteries aren’t very tough. They aren’t meant to be banged around so they tend to live on the inside. If you’re a medium to heavy vaper you may well get through a single battery charge in a day. That means you may well be carrying a spare battery in your bag. In the bottom of your bag, slowly smashing it up bit by bit. Eventually it breaks down, explodes, and the newspaper blame ecigs for the explosion.

So there you go. Just another scare cry in the media that’s pretty much made up. If you mistreat a battery it will explode. That applies to all batteries no matter what device they go in.