Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 25 – GE2017 – 20

In this episode I take a look at the new Conservative manifesto, and a quick look at the Lib Dem manifesto with it’s interesting clip art choices.

Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 24 – GE2017 -28

A little while ago I saw a meme saying that you shouldn’t vote until you’ve spoken to somebody who works in the NHS. I thought that was a good idea, so I did it, and I recorded it so you can hear it too.

Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 23. GE2017 – 30

Tonight I’m joined by Ian and Dee from the Do Ask Do Tell podcast. We’re going to be talking about the UN investigation into the Tories and their treatment of the disabled, and a whole load of other things.

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Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 21 – GE2017 – 36

Darth May feels the power of the dark side, and lets the EU that she’s going to be a pain in the arse, in what was a stupid and idiotic speech of lies, which she had the nerve to do stood outside Number 10.

Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 20 – GE2017 – 37

In this episode we look at the reception Darth May gets when she’s near people, and at all the fraud, deception, and lies, that come out of Tories.

Britain, Britain, Britain.

It’s 1:43am and I am awake, which is nothing unusual these days. My heart is truly broken, not because we’re leaving the EU, but because we live in a country where there are enough people to think leaving the EU is a good idea. I don’t hate the politicians for what they’ve done. You can’t get angry at Farage any more than you can get angry at bad weather. He’s just an annoying thing that exists, doing what it does.

I’m angry at the people who believed him. I’m angry that there are people just so dumb, that they actually fall for it. I think the problem is a lack of empathy on my part. I just cannot comprehend how they see the world. They are ready to believe wild and crazy lies, be they about the EU or anything else. I’m no psychologist, but I’m willing to bet it’s the same condition that causes one to believe anything Donald Trump says.

If the referendum vote had been 52% remain, we’d still be in this same situation. Our country has gone to shit.
I wish I could be a Can’t-Think for a day to see what it’s like, just like I wonder what my dog thinks about riding in the car. Does he understand that I’m operating it? Does he think that I don’t know where we’re going either? Does he know that we’re travelling much faster than he can run?

To be honest, they make me feel more right wing. I hate them so much for being so gullible. I just want them to either go away, or stop having an opinion. Couldn’t they at least do us the courtesy of knowing that they’re thick and shouldn’t be asked difficult questions.

We’re so quick to defend them. They aren’t all racists, some of them just wanted to take back control. Bollocks. I’m done. I’m done defending them or caring about them at all. Why do we have to listen to them? Why do we have to care what they say? What they say is worthless. Can we please stop pretending that all people are equal and deserve a voice? Some people are thick and think that chem trails are a thing. Those people are not equal to me. They do not deserve a voice. There is no position of compromise. Should I just hate muslims a little bit? There’s nothing to discuss. Should I accept that sometimes Piers Morgan makes some good points and should be retweeted? There is no middle ground. Should I believe that Leavers are patriots and Remainers are traitors, all the while ignoring that Farage says he’ll move abroad if Brexit turns out to be.a mess?
I fear the cattle and their farmers outnumber us, and forever will. Britain is lost. Our Tory cancer has become inoperable.

Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun is a great show, and Duolingo exists.