Am I really any better?

I’ve spent today bombarded by information about dicks. It was all about the Tory conference, the Spanish police, or the European vacation of the leaders of Britain First.

I try to understand them. I want to know what’s going on in their minds. How can it be that they want an entire group of people to disappear? What does that feel like? How can you exist with that much hate built up inside you. Really the sad truth is that I know how it feels. I’ve been living with this hate inside of me for what feels like forever. So long, I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be normal. I have more in common with Britain First than I’d care to admit.

I don’t think we’re all born equal. Some of us are better at some things than others. I also believe that the ways in which we are better or worse define how good we are as people, and what we’re worth to our communities and societies. If I believe that one group of people can be better than another group of people, it follows that there are groups I think are bad, and the rest of us would be better off without them.

Where the biffers and I differ, is on the types of people who make up that group I’d rather be without.

Britain First would like there to be no more brown people, the Tories would like there to be no more poor people, and it looks like the Spanish police would like there to be no more Catalonian people so much they’ve actually started working on it.

So who do I hate? Who do I wish would just not be there when I wake up tomorrow? Well, it’s all those people I’ve just mentioned. OK so I haven’t had an opinion about the Spanish police until today, but now I do, it’s not a good one.

The thing is, it’s not even those people I hate the most. You can’t blame a Tory for being a Tory anymore than you can blame a dog for being a dog. The people I really hate more than any other group of people in the entire human race is the do-goodly, free speech at any cost supporting, give Trump a chance, violence is never the answer, selfish, bubble dwelling, I’m doing just fine, I don’t do politics, condescending little TWATS, that I seem to be forced to share a world with at the moment.

No doubt you’ve seen them. They’re the ones that retweet Katie Hopkins because she has a right to free speech. They think that it’s OK that Nazis parade in our streets because our grandparents fought for their right to do that. They repeat rhetoric because they can’t think for themselves. They cannot get their heads around the fact that our government are actively killing thousands of people so they choose to behave like it isn’t happening, and bad mouth those that can’t.

Yesterday, an unknown protester of unknown intention or affiliation, put up a banner in Manchester calling to Hang The Tories. Wow was that the end of the fucking world. Let me ask you, at what point does murder become self defence? How long do the 75% of us who earn less than £25,000 per year have to see ourselves, our friends, and our families, destroyed by the actions of our government before physically fighting back becomes justified? But like I just said, I don’t hate the Tories for the situation, they’re just doing the only thing they know what to do. I hate the people who don’t want the boat rocked. The ones that say nobody should fight back no matter what is happening to them. Fuck those people.

America seems to be infested with these human-shaped shits too. They have their “football” players protesting at the way the black communities are being treated. Don’t they know that American soldiers fought for their freedom so they should respect their national anthem? Dear America, who do I tell you this, err, no American alive today has ever fought for the freedom of Americans. You see for you to fight for your freedom, you need to be in a position of potentially losing that freedom. I fail to see how the Iraqis, Koreans, Vietnamese, or people from any other country you’ve not won a war against were threatening to take away your freedom. Come back and talk when the Third Reich is parked twenty miles off your southern cost. Of course all they needed to do was wait 75 years and the toothless and pointless of Great Britain will become Nazis because their lives suck and they’ve been told it’s the fault of immigrants.

The thinkers and well intentioned of the world have allowed this to happen. We’re so caught up in trying to live like everybody is equal and deserves the same rights and privileges. We hold on to that belief even as our society falls down around us. We have a government killing the people, and a people too dumb to know that the government is killing them. They’re so dumb that they actually defend and support the government. We’ve done this. We wanted to think that everybody can make an intelligent decision, but we were wrong. We wanted to believe that anyone wanting to run the country would be doing it because they wanted the country to run well. We were wrong again. So we let the stupid elect the evil, and we give ourselves a big pat on the back because democracy. Aren’t we so fucking clever. We’re doing Brexit because people who aren’t qualified made a choice they should never have been allowed to make. Amazing isn’t it this free democracy stuff.

Look, I completely agree that it’s a brilliant idea, and if everybody could think, or not be influenced by Russian twitter bots, or understand that for evil to thrive it needs good people to do nothing, then I’d be totally behind it all. But that’s not the world we live in.

A great disturbance is coming. Something as historical as the world wars. I worry that I belong to the side that will congratulate itself on how advanced it is while it’s publicly executed by a fat man with neck rolls and a badly drawn British bulldog tattoo.

At this point I’m seriously worried that I will hunt down and kill the next person who tells me I just don’t like it when people have a different belief than me. Let me explain this for the last time. You are free to disagree with me all you like, and we can talk about those disagreements all day if you want. But if those beliefs you have involve hurting somebody, or not caring about somebody, then we’re going to have a problem.

So to finish this post by answering the question in the title, here is a list of people who I’m superior to, in no particular order.

  1. Tories.
  2. Tory supporters.
  3. Nazis.
  4. People who support Nazis’ right to free speech.
  5. People who think Nazis are just quite right wing.
  6. “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, they’re all the same” people.
  7. People who read newspapers.
  8. People who read the Daily Mail.
  9. People who like Britain’s Got Talent.
  10. Especially people who vote for Britain’s Got Talent.
  11. People who get their political beliefs from Twitter.
  12. People who do things like vote for Brexit because they think it makes them a rebel.
  13. People who don’t know the difference between there, they’re and their.
  14. People who say that knowing the difference between there, they’re, and their, doesn’t really matter as long as we can all understand each other.
  15. People who get neck tattoos and then complain they can’t get a good job.
  16. People who think putting a petition on 38degrees is actually doing something.
  17. People who think “there are so many of us the government have to listen to us”.
  18. People who think there’s a single problem in this country not caused by the Tories.
  19. “Ah but a labour government did this thing before any of us were born so you can’t criticise what the government are actually doing today”.
  20. People who think they are the ones brave enough to say what everyone else is thinking but daren’t say, so let’s all be honest and get rid of the muslims and leave the EU.
  21. Katie Hopkins.
  22. People who retweet Katie Hopkins.
  23. People who weren’t sick in their mouth when they hear that Katie Hopkins wants to go around schools teaching kids about Donald Trump and how unfair the media is to him.
  24. People who don’t care that food banks exist.
  25. People who don’t care that thousands of our children are starving and that our doctors are suddenly having to treat scurvy.

The next time somebody calls me a lefist or liberal, my response will be something like “Oh I’m not liberal, I think shits like you should be wiped off the face of the Earth. Here, help me out and drink some of this bleach”.

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