Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast Review

In the beginning, there was the TFV4. It was the first time we saw a tank that had many types of coils available, and it blew our minds. You could do anything with that tank. It was probably the best on the market for six or so months, which for the vape industry is like a million years.

The TFV8 came along with the promise of huge clouds and great flavour, and delivered on both. When the Baby Beast came along I jumped on it. The miniature version of the TFV8 was amazing. It’s a 22mm piece of vaping artwork, but it’s not perfect.

The TFV Baby Beast is a wonderful tank that produces great vapour and flavour at low wattages. It also makes a slight whistling noise, and doesn’t hold much liquid. Luckily we now have a Big Baby Beast.

The Big Baby Beast lives in the space between the TFV8 and its Baby. It has all the advantages of both, and seemingly none of the disadvantages. The airflow is bigger than you’ll find on the baby Baby. It also has a wider chimney and a wide bore drip tip. The whistling noise is gone. It’s about the same height as the smaller version, but is much wider, allowing you to carry much more liquid around without the need to refill.

In the box you’ll find all the usual expected tank accessories, including an RBA. There’s the expected spare glass, extra O-rings, and a little Alan key.

The RBA has problems. Actually, it has just one enormous problem. On the face of it, it isn’t bad at all. It’s really easy to build on. However, when you actually attempt to fit it to your tank, you discover that as you screw it in, you push the 510 positive pin out of the bottom of the tank. That causes the bottom of the RBA to touch the tank, and that causes a short. I managed to fix the problem with super glue. A few drops on the bottom of the RBA stopping it from coming into contact with the tank and you’re good to go. Just make sure you let the glue dry before you screw it in.

Don’t worry about the RBA. Apart from that, this is a brilliant tank. I’m going to go as far as to say that the Smok Big Baby Beast is the best sub-ohm tank I’ve ever vaped on. The build quality is spot on, the flavour and cloud production are great, and the coil range is really good. I enjoy this tank so much that I went out and bought a second one in case of emergency.

You can get them in lots of vape store places and they come in lots of colours. I’m ashamed of how much I want another one because it’s blue.