I found this article from Kotaku – https://kotaku.com/the-week-in-games-cults-and-coasters-1824062613

It’s just a list of the new games that will be released in the coming week, but it illustrates something I’ve had trouble coming to terms with.

There are 34 games being released across all platforms over the next week. I’m assuming they’re U.S. releases. Over the same five days, there will be eight movies released, with five of those coming out on Friday. According to Wikipedia, there are 2519 PS2 games, and 1285 3DS games. That’s a lot of games. Here’s my point… how can we expect to play even a small fraction of all the games?

Take my friend Emma as an example. She’s a gamer and has recently played Assassin’s Creed Origins to 100% completion. There’s no doubt she did it in far less time than I would have, but it didn’t exactly happen over night. Ubisoft are releasing a pile of DLC for that game, but Far Cry 5 comes out this week. If Emma starts playing that, it’s all her time taken up for the next couple of weeks at the least. Exactly when is Emma supposed to play any other game? I haven’t even thought about attempting Far Cry 5 right now because I’m still under a pile of Switch games.

In no way am I complaining. Quite the opposite, it’s brilliant that we have this many games to choose from. It’s not like they’re all the same game, there’s variation in there and it’s great.

I’ve just been struggling with feeling bad about there being some massive, long running game franchises that I’ve never touched. How could I call myself a gamer if I’d never even seen a Final Fantasy game, let alone played one. Being into games isn’t the same as being a fan of other media. If you really want to see every film that comes out every week, you can easily do it, and there’s no way you really want to see every film that comes out. You won’t want to play every game that comes out, but there are just so many that you’ll never be able to play all the ones you do want to.

There no choice but to make peace with this situation. I’m not going to start crying out for there to be fewer video games, or for shorter games. Ideally games would be free and I would have the time to play them all, but that’s not possible. Maybe it ties into my fear of death, and knowing that there is a number of games I’m going to play in the remainder of my life, and nobody knows how many that’s going to be. If anything, it makes me even pickier about what goes into my console.