There’s a lot going around the internet about people finding a reference to new Switch hardware in the latest operating system update. Is there going to be a new version of the Switch? Yeah, probably, why not? If they did, it certainly wouldn’t be the first Nintendo platform to get a system revision. How many versions of the Gameboy were there?

At this point the idea of an updated Switch is really so obvious, that it’s boring to speculate about it. It will be like the Switch is now, but more powerful. There will be some games that require the updated model, but most games will continue to run on both. See the 3DS for more information. What I think is actually more interesting, is the idea of different form factors.

If I could pick my fantasy Switch setup, I’d like to see two different models. One that’s a bit bigger than the current Switch, and one that’s much smaller. The more I use it, the more I feel like the 7″ screen size of the current Switch is a compromise. It’s just a little too big for the device to be as portable as something like a 3DS, and if it’s only used in the home, it could stand to be a little bigger.

I keep trying to imagine what a bigger Switch would look like. Instead of it being based around a 7″ screen, my fantasy Switch is based around maybe something like a 9 or 10 inch screen. Something in an iPad screen size. It could run at 1080p, and could house a bigger battery so the graphics wouldn’t need to be underclocked when running in handheld mode. I can’t figure out the joycon part of the equation.

Would the joycons still line up with the top and bottom of the screen? If it was a 10″ screen, that would make the joycons oddly long. They could still be made a little larger than the existing ones, but they’d have to break with the established design aesthetic. Whatever they chose to do with the controllers, I’m salivating at the thought of using a 10″ Switch in tabletop mode. I could even stand them selling that model without a dock included.

Then there’s the little one. I keep looking at the bottom half of my 3DS and seeing a truly portable Switch. Maybe make it a little bit bigger, but certainly no bigger than the main screen on the 3DS. I would still need a screen cover built in, but maybe that could be something that folds away and potentially acts as a stand. The Switch Mini wouldn’t have separate joycons, but it would still be compatible with all the same controllers as it’s big brother. The whole thing would be no bigger than a large smartphone.

So that’s all what I’d like them to do, but let’s just say that I’m not holding my breath, especially for the Switch Mega. Like I said, I expect there to be a New Nintendo Switch, but not this year, and I’d be very surprised if it was next year.