Goodbye Office 365

Office 365 was in my life longer than expected, but last night we parted ways. It wasn’t me that changed, it was Microsoft.

Okay so this all comes out of them reducing the amount of storage you get for OneDrive from unlimited to 1TB. It’s not that 1TB is small, in fact it’s exactly in line with competition from Google, Apple, and Dropbox, but there in lies the problem. I’m already paying money to Appke because they store all my email and photos. I’m paying money to Google because they do great work backing up my photos and so many people I work with use Google Drive, there’s just no way I could get away without having an account. I used to pay Microsoft for that unlimited storage. Yes Word is as good as other word processors, and Excel is still the best big spreadsheet app, but I don’t do spreadsheets and the are plenty of light weight writing apps better suited to my needs than Word. I was using Word, but I can’t claim that I liked it more than anything else. Without that unlimited storage Office 365 just isn’t special in the least, it’s just another thing to pay for. So I stopped paying.  

Now Google will handle all my file storage. They’ll do the same amount of storage for the same price as Microsoft. I was paying them anyway so why stick with Office?

The Red Cup

It’s as traditional as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, at Christmas time everybody’s favourite coffee chain starts using a special holiday time version of the paper cups they put their coffee in. They usually have lots of pretty shapes and patterns that really brighten the day of those whose days are so painful they are cheered up by a cup. 

However this year, Starbucks have followed design cues from popular electronics manufacturers and have chosen to go with a bold red design for their Christmas cup. The decision to not use images of snowmen, Christmas trees, and snowflakes has been seen by some as political correctness gone mad. 

Following public outcry Starbucks CEO Richard Smith held a press conference to address concerns. 

He started by saying “It’s a fucking cup! You people have too much time on your hands.” The coffee boss is best known for his work at Canadian company Blackberry. He famously spent a single day as CEO during which he fired everyone in the company with the exception of the Global Creative Driector, Alecia Keys, who he later took on a month long company retreat to Jamaica. 

When pressed for either more information or an appology, Smith pointed out that publicly traded companies doesn’t give enough of a shit about you to care about persecuting your religion.

“I don’t care if you like Christmas or not. I don’t care if you’re a Christian or a Muslim, I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, old, young, rich, poor, black, or white. I don’t care about you. Period. I just want you to give me $8 for a cup of coffee.”

It is unclear at this time whether or not he intends to change the design of the cup.