The end of the 100MB limit

I hope you’re old enough to remember this, not long ago there was no such thing as a smartphone. Phones were just phones. Some of them did email, kind of, and some had web browsers, kind of, but that was it. We certainly weren’t doing anything like what we do with our phones these days.

When the iPhone was released, everything changed. Suddenly we had a phone that could do some really interesting things with its data connection. Soon other handsets followed, and before we knew it, we were using our data plans faster than ever before.

This turned out to be a bit of a problem for AT&T. In the space of a day they went from having zero smartphone users on their network, to having millions of smartphone users on their network. From an engineering standpoint, nobody was ready for what happened.

In an attempt to make life easier for AT&T, Apple enforced a 100MB download limit on its phones. In the years since, apps have been able to ignore that limit. Just think how useless Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, or Spotify would be if they had to abide by that limit. Sadly, that doesn’t mean it’s gone.

I’m currently running the iOS 10 Beta on my phone. The word beta means that anything could change between today and the final version. However, one thing I don’t expect to change is the 100MB download limit. It’s still there.

There are generally two occasions when you’ll encounter the limit. When you’re downloading or updating apps, and when you’re trying to stream video you’ve bought from Apple. The app problem can be shrugged off easily. I’ve never had a situation while out and about that could be fixed by updating an app. That doesn’t mean it never happens, it’s just extremely rare.

On the other hand, the streaming video block is very much a problem. If I have Netflix, I can stream it right to my phone over 4G and watch lovely 1080p videos. The same can be said of Amazon Video, Google Play, YouTube, and any other app that streams video. Any other app, except for the Apple Video app. That app is limited to a 100MB download. Rubbish.

Why is that a problem? Well, it means that any video you might want to watch on your phone has to be downloaded and put onto your phone ahead of time, or you need to go looking for a wifi connection. That’s just rubbish. I don’t want to be managing the media on my phone in this day and age. It’s far better for me if all my owned video lives in a cloud service and streams when I need it to. I can’t do that with iTunes videos.

The download limit is a crap solution to a ten year old problem, that isn’t even a problem. The phone networks of today are very much prepared for the kind of use we want to get out of them. Data plans are cheaper, and include much more data than they used to. If there are any problems I can cause my network by streaming movies, then those problems can be caused by streaming those movies from Amazon, every bit as much as by streaming them from Apple. Heck, the production companies probably sent exactly the same file to both Apple, Google, and Amazon.

All this adds up to the end of me buying video from Apple. It’s infuriating, but Apple are the only ones who can do anything about it, and if iOS 10 is anything to go by, they aren’t doing anything about it soon. I keep looking at how they’ve got all nine seasons of The Office for just £29.99 right now. That’s a steal, and I won’t buy it because I know I won’t be able to watch it when I want to. I can’t download, store, and manage, nine seasons of HD video. If I buy those episodes from Amazon, I don’t have to download and manage them, so I’m buying them from Amazon. It’s more expensive given that they don’t have a sale on, but at least I can watch an episode when I’m unexpectedly waiting in my car for some reason.

I’m even growing tired of Apple’s insistence on making all their media platform specific. If you want to watch iTunes on TV then you need an Apple TV. I don’t need any other single function of the Apple TV, making it the most expensive, lowest value for money box connected to my television. I’m sure that some people at Apple have done some very complicated maths and worked out that they make more money by people buying less media, but also buying an Apple TV to play it on, than they do by making it so you can play their media anywhere. I get it, it’s one approach of many. It’s just that now they’re the only people doing it, and it’s getting on my nerves. I also have my example of how that attitude has caused me to just stop buying video from iTunes. That was just one example, but I buy a lot of video, and I haven’t bought any from Apple for months. Remove that 100MB download limit and they’ll probably win me back.

Why UKIP and some Jeremy Corbyn

When I was just a little boy, there was no such thing as UKIP. Sure there were a couple of far right political groups, but they didn’t have any form of real support. They were groups that represented those who were on the fringes of society. People who have nothing but time to dedicate to their hatred of brown people. It was easy to know that these groups were bad because they weren’t exactly subtle about their beliefs. We know that the KKK hate black people, it’s basically their whole deal. It was the same with the National Front.

Then we got UKIP. The acceptable face of old world racism, so insidious and creepy that I’m sure I’ve angered people with my accusation. If you were to ask an EDL supporter if they hate black people, you’ll probably be told that hey absolutely do hate black people. Whereas, a UKIPer will tell you that they don’t mind black people as long as they’re black in their own homes and don’t bother the rest of us with it. Some of them may even be totally confused at the idea of UKIP being a racist and xenophobic organisation. That’s how subtle they are with it. Now they enjoy real world support, and it’s significant. In all recent poles on voting intentions, UKIP can now consider themselves to be the third party in this country. Are all their supporters racist and xenophobic? Of course they aren’t. So how can they support UKIP?

Let’s jump in our time machine and go back to the 80s. Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister and her favourite thing to do was hurt poorer working class people. She enjoyed it as much as I enjoy vaping and PlayStation. I’ll put an example in this article, but go to YouTube and do a search for 80s miner strikes.

Tories enjoying the pain and suffering of poor people is nothing new. Fortunately for the 80s poor, they had something that doesn’t really exist today. A left-wing Labour Party that stood up for them. They knew who was hurting them and they knew why. They understood that they were in a battle with the Tories. Then came a young man called Tony Blair.

He decided that it was all well and good standing up for the poor, but that wasn’t how you got into power. What the Labour Party needed to do was to shift to the right of politics and start appealing to people in the middle. It was a plan that worked very well. Heck, I voted for them, twice. All the poor people continued to vote Labour because that’s what they’d always done, and now middle class people voted for Labour too. It was enough to push them over the edge and lead to three terms of Labour government.

Everything was great at first. The real problems didn’t start until a couple of years had passed. While Tony didn’t hate the poor anything like as much as your average Tory, he didn’t exactly so much to help them. The Labour Party became about pursuing that middle ground, which is what is causing the leadership battle we’re seeing today, although that’s a topic for another time.

Eventually Labour lost power and the Tories were back in, all be it in diet form with the influence of the Lib Dems. The Tories got back to doing what they do best, dividing our society and increasing the gap between rich and poor. Today that gap is bigger than ever, and our society is more broken than anyone thought possible.

So who is there to stand up for the poor people? Who is representing them? Nobody. Absolutely nobody. Enter UKIP.

If you’re a person being hurt its very likely that at some point you’ll wonder who is hurting you and why. Traditionally Labour would point out that the Tories are hurting you. When they didn’t do that, they left the open opportunity for somebody else to do it. So in steps UKIP telling everyone that their problems are caused by immigrants and the EU. Of course that’s not true. All of the problems this country has are caused by the Tories. All of them. Not a single issue is caused by immigration or the EU.

UKIP saw that a load of people need an answer, and they made sure that the answer those people got was the UKIP version of events.

Suddenly UKIP had support. Not because all their supporters really shared their racist and xenophobic views, but because they really had nowhere else to go. It’s almost exactly how the Nazis gained support in a pre war Germany. It worked in the 1930s and it worked in the 2010s. When whole groups of society go unrepresented, it leaves the door open for people with extreme views.

That’s why UKIP. That’s why some people consider Nigel Farrage to be some sort of hero. He isn’t. There’s just nobody else going as far as the working class are concerned.

For this reason, I can’t support anyone other than Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party. If you want to win a war, at the very least you need to know who your enemy is, and the EU referendum proved that most people simply don’t know who their enemy is. They need a Labour Party that stands up for them and constantly reminds them that the Tories are to blame. It’s not until that starts happening that we’ll see a drop off in support for UKIP. It’s UKIP that have taken Labour voters. I hear there’s a saying in Scotland, “I didn’t leave Labour, Labour left me”. That’s so spot on. Labour need to come back and give support to the people it’s supposed to support.

Under Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and Ed Milliband, Labour have been guilty of dereliction of duty. Jeremy Corbyn is fighting day after day to bring the party back to where it should be, and the Parliamentary Labour Party have been fighting against him to keep things how they’ve been for the last 20 years.

For Labour to be in government it first needs to get its support base back. That means spreading the word about who our enemy is and how we can fight them. Only when the hard working, and good people of the U.K. are unified will Labour even stand a chance of election victory.


I’m writing this to the American left-wing.

You’ve got something very important coming up in your elections and I think you need to learn the lesson of Brexit before it’s too late.

Do not use facts to win your argument

Brexiters didn’t care about facts and neither do Trump supporters. All that matters is they have a slogan they can keep shouting. Whether it’s “Take Back Control” or “Make America Great” doesn’t matter. It’s the chest beating self-empowering shouting that has the power. Trump has whipped people up into so much of a frenzy that they don’t think straight. It’s just what Boris Johnson did here. He managed to make everybody reuse to believe experts. I’m my arguing for the EU, a Brexiter argued that the Wikipedia article which showed the EU to be a democratic entity, couldn’t be trusted because “The Establishment” had changed it. Nigel Farage insisted that the EU was undemocratic and that was all the mattered. Take serious note of that. Showing that Trump hates the gays, and women, and brown people, doesn’t matter, and will get you nowhere.

Don’t abuse them

Brexiters were made into a dish it out but can’t take it group. They were ever so sensitive. Anybody who didn’t listen to them was classified as a bigot. In my case that was technically true, because I refused to listen to certain other views. In my defence, I didn’t listen to those arguments in the same way that you don’t let toddlers give you mortgage advice. Are you a bigot for not taking that mortgage advice from a toddler? Of course not. But once the word is out there, it’s pretty tough to shake off. It’s like just shouting racist.

In any case you tend not to get anywhere by abusing somebody. Remember that the people you disagree with have formed their opinions around what they think is right, and generally they have the same hopes and desires as you do. The problem with our referendum and the American presidential election, is that there are a lot of people giving their opinion whilst being inadequately educated to do so. That’s not their fault, and the only solutions are long term. To educate somebody you need to talk to them on their level. Don’t patronise. It seems obvious when I write it now, but shocking as it is, people don’t like being talked to like they’re something you’ve stood in, and that’s not really the best way to have an adult conversation with someone.

Prepare for the worst

We really didn’t think that Brexit would actually happen, not even the people that claimed to want it. Now we’ve got it nobody has a clue what to do next. Assume at this point that you are going to have President Trump. It’s a nightmare scenario, but it happened here so it can happen there.

Vote for Hillary

I’m really serious about this one. Don’t think that republicans aren’t going to vote because they don’t like Trump. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can in some way have a bit of a protest by voting for one of the strange alternatives. Republicans aren’t going to do that. There’s no crazy right-wing alternative to Trump. He’s getting all the right-wing votes. You need to make sure that Hillary gets all the others. Will she make a great president? I have no idea. I do know that she will make a better president than Trump. In an ideal world you’d have a better person to vote for, but in an ideal world Donald Trump wouldn’t exist at all.

Lots of people who voted for Brexit did it because they were protesting. Don’t make that same mistake.

In all honesty I’m really rooting for you to do the right thing. I don’t know what it would mean for the world if Trump gets that power. I’m hoping that it would just be four years of congress blocking everything he tries to do, but I’d rather not have that risk taken.

Don’t Panic

Okay so now Theresa May is the Prime Minister. I know that she has less humanity than Mr Spock, but that doesn’t mean the world is about to end.

In no way am I here to defend her. Let me be clear, I hate her as much as anyone, we just need a little perspective.

Just remember that while she is the Prime Minister, she isn’t all powerful. She’s just the leader of the party that’s in government. It doesn’t mean that she gets to do whatever she wants. That’s the whole point of having an opposition and a load of other MPs.

Also, remember that this isn’t her first day. She’s been in government for years, which is how we know she’s evil. As Home Secretary, she got to sit on the front bench, next to David Cameron. She had his mobile number and could speak to him about whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Her influence has been with us for years. Granted, it now gets turned up to eleven, but it was on ten just a couple of weeks ago.

There are a couple of interesting things to come out of today that are worth talking about. Did you see her speech outside Downing Street? I can’t get over how she gets to stand there and promote left-wing socialist values. Remember how I keep telling you not to trust a Tory? Here’s why. She’s saying nice things that should be coming from Jeremy Corbyn, things that are coming from Jeremy Corbyn. But we know that Theresa is very different from Jeremy. Could it be that she’s turned her back on the politics of her party? Or is it more likely that she’s just lying? Of course it’s the lying. Never trust a story. You’ll know when she’s lying, you’ll be able to hear her speaking.

The second interesting event is the appointment of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. The man is a slightly more offensive version of Prince Philip. He’s insulted more people around the world than I have over the years, and I’ve actually been trying. He’s just a buffoon and the world sees him as a complete joke. Why would you make that man responsible for relationships with other counties? I can’t help but feel that there’s more to this. More will come out about it soon, I have no doubt.

What’s the point?

Political parties exist to represent the views of different groups of people, not to win elections.

It’s really quite simple. If you’re a right wing person you can vote for the Conservative Party. If you’re left wing you can vote for the Labour Party. If you’re somewhere in the middle, you can vote for the Liberal Democrats. The party that wins elections should be the party that represents the views of the most people.

It is not the job of a party to attempt to identify what most people like then try to bend their party to fit. If that happens you end up with a system of government that leaves behind massive groups of people. Hey, that sounds familiar.

The war for the Labour Party is in full swing. On the one side, we have the leader, Jeremy Corbyn who wants his party to be a democratic socialist party that represents the people on the left because that’s the whole point of Labour. On the other side there’s Angela Eagle who thinks Labour should be more in the middle because that’s how they’re most likely to win an election, she thinks.

If Labour doesn’t represent people on the left, then there’s nobody to do it. That leaves loads of people to be swayed by bad groups of people like UKIP and Other extremist groups. That’s exactly what has happened since Tony Blair, and it’s why we’re leaving the EU.

If Angela thinks centre politics are the way to go then she’s in luck. She doesn’t need to rebel in Labour, and she doesn’t need to set up her own party. There’s already a party that does exactly what she wants. She should go and join them.

The truth is that should Labour continue with this Blairite shift to the right, people like me are simply left with nobody to vote for. If Labour doesn’t represent my views then they’re as much use to me as the Tories.

We’ve been so worried about Labour splitting up, but I couldn’t hope for more. I’d love it if the “rebels” would take their ball and go home. Go and represent the people in the middle if that’s what you want. I don’t know how much success you’ll have with that seeing as the people in the middle already have a party to vote for. Of course, that party knows better than to get involved with an arrogant back-stabber like Angela Eagle.

What does Labour stand for without Jeremy Corbyn? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They have literally nothing to add to our country. Corbyn wants to take the party back to its roots of representing working people. You know, the ones who were so pissed off with the establishment that they voted to burn everything down by leaving the EU. That’s a very angry bunch of people and they need somebody to represent them. If Labour doesn’t do it, somebody else will. I don’t know about you, but the fire and passion of all those Brexiters would be a good enough basis for me to start a political party. Maybe somebody who actually wants to represent working people will do it.

It’s only 8pm, did you think the day was over?

Two more things before we go to bed. First of all, the Labour NEC have voted for Jeremy Corbyn to automatically be added to the ballot in a leadership vote. That is good news. With any luck, we’ll actually get this vote and be done with it forever. Or, Angela Eagle and her supporters will leave and start their own party and be done with forever. We need an effective opposition to a government that is about to really start hurting poor people. The Tories are coming and Angela Eagle was not going to stand in their way. That said, I’m sure her squeaking would keep some of them away.

And in addition to that, we have also heard the news that the decision to leave the EU will now be debated by parliament on the 5th of September. That’s good for everyone. Brexiters wanted parliament to have total power. It makes perfect sense that it should have total power over this issue. Go Brexiters! You guys just keep on winning!

I’m hoping nothing further happens before I go to bed.

So This Is Tuesday

There’s never a dull moment is there. I woke up to the news that some idiot has put a brick through the window of Angela Eagle’s office. Really what did they think they’d achieve by doing that? She didn’t get the message from the 20,000 comments on her Facebook page, and she’s not going to get it from a brick. Pack that shit in now. Violence and smashing stuff up is beneath us.

If anything, feel bad for Angela. It looked like a really shitty office, that didn’t appear to be any worse for a broken window. If that’s where you have to go to work then I don’t want to be an MP.

It looks like some other guy might be running for the leadership. I can’t remember his name, and 20 seconds after he announced, nobody else could either.

As I write this, we’re waiting for the Labour NEC to decide if Jeremy Corbyn needs to get himself 51 MP supporters to be able to be on the ballot paper. For all I know they’ll make a decision before I finish this article. I have checked the rules and my own leadership campaign might have some trouble getting off the ground. Apparently, I need to find more than one other person who thinks I should lead the party, and to be honest with you, I’m having trouble finding one. Shame really. I think I’d be really good are arguing in parliament.

As all the Labour bullshit plays out, David Cameron whistles a happy tune and gets the movers in. I hate the guy but I’m really impressed with his final play on Article 50. Maybe Theresa will invoke it, maybe she won’t. Whatever she wants to do it’s looking increasingly likely that parliament will have to vote on it first. I keep dreaming that Brexit won’t happen after all. Of course, that would mean the end of the world to some people, but those people are wrong and need to be helped rather than hated and ridiculed. We all know what thin skin Brexiters have, so be nice to them.

Twitter is currently telling me that Jeremy Corbyn has now returned to the room where the NEC are after previously leaving that very room. This is exciting stuff!

Across the pond, Bernie has endorsed Hillary. I would like to see a sitcom based around a grouchy old couple called Bernie and Hillary. What did we expect him to do? Endorse Trump? I’m really worried for my American friends. If Brexit taught us anything it should be that people can be persuaded to vote against their own self-interests. Non-racists support UKIP, and humans support the Tories. Fighting Trump with facts and sense won’t work. That’s how we tried to fight Brexit. We thought that no reasonable person could look at the facts and conclude that leaving the EU was a good idea, and we were right. What we didn’t realise is that we weren’t arguing against reasonable people. We were arguing against formerly reasonable people who had been whipped up into a frenzy by some nutters. It’s as if we filled a load of toddlers with sugar and then asked them politely to calm down. Yes, Any reasonable person can see that Trump is insane, and his supporters are not behaving like reasonable people. I suppose I should say that I think Americans should vote for Hillary. Don’t put your vote in a candidate that has no chance of winning. At this point, you’re voting to stop Trump, and that doesn’t necessarily mean voting for the person who you think should be running the country.

Still nothing on Twitter from the NEC and now Barclay is crying for his dinner.