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The Only Reason to Wii U

There is something missing. Something that I would buy immediately while tweeting that Futurama take my money meme. Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess HD.

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My Splatoon 2 Experiences

I have decided that this isn’t a review. From now on, if I haven’t completed a game, or experienced all it has to offer, I’m going to talk about it in a thing like this, which just talks about the experiences I’ve had. So please consider this like a review, but not actually a review.

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Cave Story+ Review

You just have to decide if it’s worth it based on the best information you can get. I suppose that’s what game reviews are for.


The 41st Simply Syndicated Gaming News

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My 10 Favourite 3DS Games

So it turns out that all my talk actually had an effect on people. They’ve been out there buying 2 and 3 DSs and now they’re asking me what games they should get for it. That’s why it’s time for me to give you a run down of my top ten favourite 3DS games.


Area 51

Area 51 is apparently based on another Midway game of the same name. Midway made arcade games, and Area 51 the arcade game, is something I put more than a few pound coins into as a teenager. It was a shooting game with an actual gun, and quite a good one if I remember rightly. This was at the hight of the Time Crisis, Point Blank and House of the Dead popularity.


Pilotwings Resort

The only thing you really need to know about vanilla ice cream is that it’s good enough to eat. Beyond that there’s nothing much to say unless you can compare it to other vanilla ice creams. Unfortunately I can’t do that with Pilotwings Resort. I will say without a doubt that it is the best island resort based flying mini game game I’ve ever played.


The 37th Simply Syndicated Gaming News

Just in case you didn’t know, I do a podcast that covers gaming news. It’s brilliant and you should listen to it. Here’s the latest episode.Mike isn’t with us this week. We were a mess. We were still really really good.Just in case you didn’t know, I do a podcast that covers gaming news. It’s brilliant and you should listen to it. Here’s the latest episode.


A New Switch

There’s a lot going around the internet about people finding a reference to new Switch hardware in the latest operating system update. Is there going to be a new version of the Switch? Yeah, probably, why not? If they did, it certainly wouldn’t be the first Nintendo platform to get a system revision. How many versions of the Gameboy were there?


Fire Emblem Echoes

The whole shrine experience is really really bad. It’s easy to get lost, and there’s usually no logic to the layout of the caves. I would go so far as to say that the shrine exploring has ruined this game for me. Sadly it’s not the only problem.