Shots fired. Like it or not, we are at war.

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Look, I really don’t like this any more than you do. The time for pretending is over, the evil force of fascism is alive and well in our country. Those of us who can see what is happening and object to it are increasingly being marginalised, and now there are calls to silence us.

This has all happened before. The people who are going to be a part of the new fascist movement are too thick to understand what’s going on, and they aren’t going to listen to us. If they were going to listen, Brexit wouldn’t have happened. We can either keep our fingers in our ears, or we can accept that we are now on a path that we cannot move away from. The racism and homophobia will continue to grow, and previously normal people will at best ignore it, and at worst, will join in.

I know it would be wonderful if the fascists could be fought back with love, respect, truth, and logic, but that isn’t going to happen. You can continue trying to love everyone while you’re sitting in a prison camp, but I have absolutely no intention of going quietly. The time for conversation is over. The time for reason is passed. They will round us up and silence us while we all sit in our hippy drum circles chanting something about hope not hate. The war for our country and our souls has begun, and the fascist Brexiters are way out in front. They are prepared to end you to get what they want.

So now we have to fight back. The first step of dealing with a problem is admitting that you have one. We have a serious fucking problem.

The next step is all about the fight. Here’s a few points to remember about fighting for the United Kingdom and all the good it ever stood for.

  1. If you’re not white, or have other physical traits that Brexiters hate, prepare somewhere safe you can go to. That might involve leaving towns and cities, but as I write that I’m realising that villages in the countryside aren’t exactly the most racially tolerant places either. I’m afraid to say that you’re the people I fear for the most. It’s not as if you can hide your skin colour. I really don’t know what to suggest you do. Hopefully safe space for you will emerge when the shit really hits the fan. Have a word with friends that might be able to help you hide.

  2. Don’t support the lives of Brexiters in any way. If you have somebody come to your house to do work, ask them how they voted in the referendum before you let them into your home. Try to use foreign workers wherever possible.

  3. End all communication with Brexiters. I know that some of you believe that problems aren’t solved without talking to each other, and I agree. However, sometimes children need to be put on a time out. There’s no talking to people while they’re out silencing others, so cut them out of your life. That will mean getting rid of friends and family. Be brave. They think you’re scum and would destroy you in a second, given the chance. Don’t let them.

  4. If you’re part of the LGBTQ community, eventually you’re going to have to hide who you are from the Brexiters. I’m so sorry that this is happening to you, especially after so much progress has been made. Expect that progress to stop. When the Brexiters are done with foreign people and people of colour, they’re coming for you. At this point, my advice to you is to hide who you are. I know it’s sickening, but hiding is a lot less sickening than being in a prison camp. Or is it? You need to decide for yourself on that one.

  5. Look out for the warning signs of people you know becoming fascist. First and foremost, they’ll be Brexiters. They will affiliate themselves with some of the more extreme political parties such as UKIP and the Conservatives. They will not be tolerant of others, usually spouting off about how safe spaces are a waste of time, and how people need to learn to take abuse. They’ll usually be fans of the most fascist celebrities such as Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage. They might even like Donald Trump. They’ll be conspiracy theorists, insisting that voting in pen rather than pencil being the right thing to do. That will probably be accompanied by the belief that there’s some sort of system that won’t let particular things happen, for example, “The powers that be won’t allow Trump to become president”, that sort of thing. One last thing to look out for is how happy they are to commit or threaten to commit violence. Watch for statements that mention how they’d deal with a problem by assaulting somebody. They’ll usually feel that violence is justified to achieve their goal.

  6. If you’re an immigrant, what the hell are you doing here? I don’t want you to leave because you’re awesome and we need you to help make our country work. Brexiters don’t understand that. They want you gone. Soon, if not already, they’ll start making sure you understand how they feel by killing some of you. The people of Britain no longer deserve your help and contribution, we’re beneath you. Please run for your life.

  7. If like me, you’re white, British, and not LGBTQ, you can help by preparing to help hide your friends who aren’t white, British, or are LGBTQ. Our friends are going to need our support in the days to come.

Remainers. I know this is horrible on a scale we didn’t think we’d ever see. I never thought I’d see fascism rise in the UK, but it’s here. It isn’t wearing jackboots and goosestepping around, but it’s there. We can accept that and begin the fight, or we can roll over and die. I choose the former.